In Game Commands

Info Panel

Description: Opens info panel with FAQ, population, events

Chat Commands:

/info - Shows All Our Info In Game

Remover Tool

Description: Tool that will allow you to remove your constructions/pick up deployales

Chat Commands:

Chat Commands

/remove [time (seconds)] -- Enable/Disable RemoverTool DEFAULT 60 SECONDS

/remove <help | h> -- View help

NOTE: There is a resource cost to remove building parts, deployables can be picked up without a hammer. You can only remove items/constructions that YOU have placed


Description: Opens up window for you to claim any kits you are entitled to

Chat Commands:

/kit -- see the full list of available kits for you

/kit <name> -- choose a kit


Description: Opens up the shop for you to spend your RP at.

Chat Commands:


TIP: You can purchase Test Generators, costumes, fireworks, and personal quarries here

Auto Doors

Description: Allows you to automatically close doors behind you after a certain amount of time. You can specify individual doors, or even types of doors, all with customizable times.

*NOTE:* /ad <type | t> and /ad <single | s> commands must looking at a door when used

/ad - Enable/Disable automatic door closing

/ad <time (seconds)> - Set automatic closing delay for doors (Doors set by 'single' and 'type' are not included).

/ad <all | a> <time (seconds)> - Set automatic closing delay for all doors.

/ad <single | s> - Enable/Disable automatic closing of the door you are looking at

/ad <single | s> <time (seconds)> - Set automatic closing delay for the door you are looking at

"type" is just a word, not the type of door

/ad <type | t> - Enable/disable automatic door closing for the type of door you are looking at

/ad <type | t> <time (seconds)> - Set automatic closing delay for the type of door you are looking at

/ad <help | h> - View help


When Looking at a Garage Door: 

/ad type - Enable/disable auto closing of all garage doors

/ad type 8 - Sets garage door auto closing time to 8 seconds

/ad single 10 - Sets ONLY the garage door you are looking at to auto close after 10 seconds


Description: Adds a backpack for extra storage to your player allowing you to hold even more items.

*NOTE:* Regular players get a 5 slot backpack added on. VIP Players get a 48 slot backpack added on.

VIP ONLY: Toggle collection directly to backpack, and retrieve items from backpack for crafting, building etc.

Chat Commands:

/backpack or / -- Opens BackPack

/backpack.fetch <item short name or id> <amount> -- Fetches an item from your backpack

/backpackui -- Displays help information about how to use the command, as well as the available button positions.

/backpackui <position> (Left | Right | Off)-- Changes your preferred backpack button position. Set to Off to hide the backpack button.

TIP: Backpack can be bound to a hotkey. Simply open console (F1)  - bind <hotkeyHere>   Example: bind y   will bind backpack to Y key


Blueprint Share

Description: Share your blueprints with your teammates easily

All arguments inside <> are required!

All arguments inside [] are optional

/bs help - Displays help message

/bs toggle - Toggles the sharing of blueprints

/bs share <player> - Shares all of your blueprints with the target player

/bs show <sharetype> [friendName] - Shows all the blueprints you have been shared in order of blueprint workbench tier. Share types include: clan, team and friend.

Chest Stacks

Description: Stack chests 3 high to make your storage extra dense.

*Note:* In order to stack the chests, you have the same type of chest selected, and RIGHT CLICK while looking at the placed chest and being near it


Description: Create clans and ally with others!

Chat Commands

/clanhelp - Displays help

/clan - Displays information about your clan

/clan create <tag> - Create a new clan

/clan join <tag> - Join a clan if you have a invite

Clan Member Commands

/clan leave - Leave you current clan

/c <message> - Send a message to all clan members

Clan Moderator Commands

/clan invite <name or ID> - Invite a player to join your clan

/clan withdraw <name or ID> - Cancel a pending invite

/clan kick <name or ID> - Kick a player from your clan

Clan Owner Commands

/clan promote <name or ID> - Promote a clan member to clan moderator

/clan demote <name or ID> - Demote a clan moderator to clan member

/clan disband forever - Disband your clan

Clan Alliance Commands

/clanally invite <tag> - Request an alliance with another clan

/clanally withdraw <tag> - Revoke an alliance invitation with another clan

/clanally accept <tag> - Accept an alliance invite

/clanally reject <tag> - Decline a alliance request

/clanally revoke <tag> - End a clan alliance

/a <message> - Send a message to all clan members and allied clans

Component Box

Description: Adds a toolbox to your inventory that will auto collect and store your components for you. Items can be taken out one at a time by “unwrapping” the box and pulling them out. Or the whole box can be emptied into your inventory by right clicking it.


/toolbox cost - Tells the player the cost to craft a component box

/toolbox craft - Crafts the component box if they have the required materials

/toolbox remove - Manually removes the component box from your inventory and refunds it (configurable)

*NOTE:* Items in component box do not need to be pulled out for crafting/repairs!

Custom Sprays

Description: Custom spray can designs that can be crafted

*MVP can also have their own imported*

Chat Commands

/cs - Shows help menu with available commands for the player

/cs.craft - Opens the crafting menu


Description: Share cupboard, door, turret, chest and more access with teammates and clan mates

Chat Commands

/share - Opens the share menu for the player running the command

NOTE: Modify your cupboard sharing settings with this command, you can allow or block clan/team members access to your doors, boxes, furnaces etc

**Quarry Locks**

Description: Allows you to codelock personal quarries that have been placed to protect your diesel and harvested materials.

Chat Commands

/ql - Lock the quarry in view while holding a codelock


Description: Allows players to self wipe themselves if they want to start over on a long wipe cycle server

Chat Commands

/wipe - opens GUI for player to select what they want to wipe. Options are: All, Blueprints, Inventory, Backpack, Building

Sign Artist

Description: Easily add images to signs

Chat Commands:

/sil <url> [raw]

Download the image from the url to the server and display it on the sign you are currently looking at. Specifying the raw argument allows you to ignore jpeg enforcement if that is enabled in the config file.

/sili - Adds currently held item icon to sign or frame. Use /sili default to add that items default skin.


Description: Adds a personal minicopter that you can spawn and recall to yourself. 

Chat Commands:

/mymini -- Spawn a minicopter

/nomini -- Despawn your minicopter

/fmini -- Fetch your minicopter

*NOTE:* If you use /nomini to despawn your mini, it gets destroyed and will be put on respawn timer.

Be careful in PVP zones, as your mini can crash or be destroyed, and put onto respawn timer.

*NOTE 2:* Only clan/team members can ride on your spawned mini!

TIP: Use a codelock on your mini to protect against fuel theft!

AutoBaseUpgrade - VIP

No commands, simply open up your TC. In the top right corner select what quality you want to upgrade to by clicking on the resource image. Then click the “Upgrade” button. Simply click the upgrade button at any time to stop the process.

Click the “Repair” button to automatically repair all damaged items covered by the TC.

These will use resources from your TC to upgrade/repair all parts that it can until it is completed, or you run out of resources

BGrade - VIP

Automatically upgrade building parts as you place them

Chat Commands:

/bgrade t <seconds> -- Change the players disable timer

/bgrade 0 -- Disable BGrade

/bgrade 1 -- Enable automatic Wood upgrades

/bgrade 2 -- Enable automatic Stone upgrades

/bgrade 3 -- Enable automatic Metal upgrades

/bgrade 4 -- Enable automatic Armoured upgrades

*Examples: *

/bgrade t 60  - This will automatically set the command to automatically disable itself after 60 seconds

/bgrade 3   - When you place a new twig piece, it will automatically upgrade it to Metal (If you have enough resources on you

Building Skins - VIP

Description: Provides ability to change the building material skins easily

/bskin - opens a GUI to set the default building skin

/bskin build — updating the skin of the block you are looking at and everything that touches it.

*Note:* You can change individual pieces skins by selecting your skin with /bskin and then hitting the part with a hammer

HomeRecycler - VIP

Description: Craft yourself a recycler to place nice and safe inside your base

Chat Commands:

/craftrecycler - Opens GUI showing crafting cost for personal recycler

*NOTE:* To pick the recycler up to relocate it, hit it with a hammer! Limit of 1 per wipe, don’t let your base decay!

SimpleSymmetry - VIP

Description: Designed to Allow for Symmetrical Base Building!

Chat Commands:

/sym ui – Toggles UI on/off

/sym toggle – Toggles Symmetry on/off

/sym show – Show the current Symmetry Center

/sym set – Sets the Symmetry Center

/sym delete – Deletes the Symmetry Center

/sym {type} – Sets the Symmetry Type (see below)

    - N2S (Normal 2 sided)

    - N3S (Normal 3 sided)

    - N4S (Normal 4 sided)

    - N6S (Normal 6 sided)

    - M2S (Mirrored 2 sided)

    - M4S (Mirrored 4 sided)

Example: /sym N3S  -  Will make a normal 3 sided symetrical base, great of a 3x symetrical starting from a triangle. 

SkinBox - VIP

/skin | /skinbox - Opens the box, place the item to be skinned into the box and wait for skins to load

/skindeployed | /sd - Opens the skin box to reskin deployed items

*NOTE: *Skins may take a long time to load, depending on your internet connection speed! This is entirely dependent on your connection speed to the Steam servers, and has nothing to do with the Rust server!

Water Bases - VIP

Description: Allows you to easily build a floating base out on the water! There are limits on how far from shore, and how shallow or deep the water can be to place foundations. You will need to look around to find where you can build!

No Commands. Simply build the foundations with the building planner and the required materials!

Check Out These Two Videos: